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Safety Harbor

The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age. In June 2008, a 6,000 year old spearhead was found at Marshall Street Park. The inhabitants of the area at the time of Spanish exploration were the Tocobaga people, who lived in villages around Tampa Bay. The adaptation of this culture relied on wild resources. Safety Harbor sites have yielded pottery, and artifacts of copper, shell, and stone. The Tocobaga were known for constructing various ceremonial and communal mounds to bury the dead. One of these burial mounds is still visible in Safety Harbor's Phillippe Park. 

Safety Harbor was first homesteaded by Count Odette Philippe, a Frenchman who is credited with introducing the grapefruit to Florida in 1823. The name Safety Harbor originated from the early 18th century, when pirates were a substantial influence in the area. Once ships reached this area of the bay, all threats from pirates were gone, and it was commonly referred to as a "Safe Harbor".

Safety Harbor is the home of the historic Espiritu Santo Springs a natural mineral spring. Its waters were given this name in 1539 by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, who was supposedly searching for the mythical "Fountain of Youth".

In the twentieth century, Espiritu Santo water was bottled and sold commercially, and later a health spa and hotel were built over the springs. The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, as it is now known, continues to be a prominent visitor attraction in Pinellas County. In 1964, the site was designated a Historical Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior and, in 1997, a Florida Heritage Landmark.

Comfortably nestled along the northwest edge of Old Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, Safety Harbor has enjoyed a unique place in the history and today, over 17,000 people call Safety Harbor their home. Safety Harbor has maintained the character of a family oriented community while preserving the environmentally sensitive lands and revitalizing the historic downtown Business District.



Safety Harbor

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