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Balm is an unincorporated, rural community located in southeastern Hillsborough County approximately 18 miles southeast of Tampa. It was named after a resident was inspired by the area’s beautiful, calm view. Growth was boosted in the area by the nearby Seaboard Air Line Railway. Early settlers in the area constructed a school, church, and a general store. Since the 1960s, citrus has dominated the area’s agricultural industry.

Balm is also the location of Goodson Farms, a packing house and locally renowned produce market open from December to April. In 2005, Goodson Farms had begun rebuilding the stand on the intersection of McGrady Road and CR672. It was completed in late 2006. There are also four tropical fish farms and a small holding area for Barnum and Bailey's circus animals. One well known landmark is the Balm post office, which has been part of the community for over 100 years.


Wimauma was founded by Captain C.H. Davis in 1902. That year, Davis helped build the Seaboard Air Line Railroad connecting Turkey Creek and Bradenton. Davis decided to found a town at the half-way point, opening a post office there in on October 24, 1902. Davis named the town by taking the first letters of the names of his three daughters, Willie, Maude, and Mary. The town had the railroad tracks as the eastern boundary and was centered on Lake Tiger, now called Lake Wimauma.

The town was officially incorporated in 1925 as the county's fourth municipality, but the city government ceased to function sometime in the 1930s. In 1993 this fact was rediscovered, but it was concluded that the incorporation was no longer valid after about 60 years without a city government.

The close proximity of the Seaboard Air Line Railway opened up the area to sawmills, turpentine processing, farming and other agricultural-based industries. The local post office was opened in 1902 and a two-story brick school building was constructed in the 1910s.



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